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Green Lantern - Official Casting Call and Plot Details

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Here is a nice casting call for some of the main characters in the upcoming DC Superhero movie The Green Lantern, including Carol Ferris aka Star Sapphire, Abin Sure, and Villains Sinestro and Hector Hammond.

This casting call provides us with a good look at what to expect!

Green Lantern - Official Casting Call and Plot Details

26-32, a smart and attractive woman with an MBA. She started as a pilot and now runs Ferris Aircraft. She is a work-a-holic...FEMALE LEAD

27-35, Character actor who is austere and impersonal, he is real "scummy." He is a pathologist and also the son of a Senator.

Mid-30s to Mid-40s, he is smart, tough, intimidating and in great physical shape.

Mid-30s to mid-40s, he is a great warrior.

Source: SpoilerTV

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