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Captain America - The Invaders Confirmed to Appear!

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As expected, there's a lot of big Captain America news hitting the web this weekend because director Joe Johnston is finally out talking to press. In addition to all the details we learned about the movie yesterday, over at CHUD they've confirmed with Johnston himself that The Invaders, a WWII superteam that Cap and Bucky are a part of, will be in the movie, too. In fact, "they'll be in the entire second half," Johnston told them. It was first rumored last year that The Invaders might make an appearance but now we know they're officially involved. So does that mean we might see up to "nine costumed characters" in this movie total?

The Invaders are a group of WWII superheroes first created in 1975. In addition to Cap and Bucky, they're made up of other various characters like the Human Torch, Toro, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and the Silver Scorpion. What it looks like they're doing in Captain America is creating The Invaders, instead, out of a group of European characters, hence why Kevin Feige said last year that The Invaders would give them "an opportunity for much more international casting." Johnson also told CHUD that The Invaders will have six members, so if you add Bucky, Cap, and Red Skull, that means nine costumed characters (or just seven?).

I'm glad we're starting to this much more about The First Avenger: Captain America. I'm happy that they chose to go with the original WWII storyline to begin with but now hearing that they're going all out to make this the irreplaceable Captain America movie is awesome. I think Marvel is sparing no expense with every new movie they work on. As in, Iron Man 2 they're already going all out with, Thor we've heard that they're going all out (and its got a great cast), and now with Captain America, it sounds like it's the perfect origin story (and intro to The Avengers). Feige knows what he's doing and I'm excited to see The Invaders as well.

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