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Eco-Friendly 3D Glasses Coming to a Theater Near You


With 3D movies popping up faster than the Cheshire cat, a bioplastic company has seen the opportunity in making bioplastic 3D glasses.

Cereplast Inc., a maker of bioplastic derived from plant materials based in the Los Angeles area, announced that it will be working with Oculus3D to debut the world's first biodegradable/compostable 3D glasses.

The eco-friendly glasses are expected to be available for distribution this summer, according to ShoWest, the motion picture distribution and exhibition industry's annual expo.

The glasses come too late for the main runs of green blockbuster Avatar and blockbuster Alice in Wonderland, which together have required the use of some 10 million pairs of 3D glasses made with traditional fossil fuel-based plastic.

While those glasses were collected at movie theaters and reused - they eventually end up scratched. Many will end up in landfills, where the plastic they're made of persists in the environment for many years.

By contrast, the Cereplast 3D specs can be expected to degrade or be composted in a landfill, depending on conditions, in about six months. The glasses will be made with Ingeo® Poly-lactic acid, otherwise known as PLA plastic. PLA plastic not only biodegrades, it generates less carbon pollution than plastics made with petroleum during production.

"By using Cereplast's resins in our 3D biodegradable and compostable glasses we can now help the entertainment industry reduce its carbon footprint and provide movie theaters with smarter choices for both affordable 3D systems and compatible 3D eyewear," said Marty Shindler, Co-founder and CEO of Las Vegas-based Oculus3, in a statement.

Source: Greenwala

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