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What's Your Number? - Samberg and Quinto in Talks to Join Cast

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EW's Hollywood Insider reports that Andy Samberg and Zach Quinto will join the already cast Chris Evans and Anna Faris in the R-rated romantic comedy What's Your Number? The story focuses on a woman (Faris) who re-visits her ex-boyfriends in the hopes of finding the man of her dreams with the help of her womanizing next door neighbor (Evans). Samberg and Quinto will play two of the men she revisits in her quest to find love. Doesn't sound too bad.

The deals aren't official yet, but negotiations are looking good, so expect them to show up in the end. While it takes a lot of originality for a romantic comedy to really draw me in, it's usually the R-rated ones that do the trick. Director Mark Mylod ("Entourage") is working from a script by Karyn Bosnak who also wrote the book 20 Times a Lady on which the script is based. And with Faris leading this one, I'm very much looking forward to a raunchy romantic comedy . Even if she's hasn't made some of the best comedies, you have to hand it to her for being one of the few actresses who has consistently focused on comedy.

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