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Captain America - Dominic Cooper Cast as Young Howard Stark?

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If you saw Iron Man 2 (and it sounds like most of you did), you are now aware that Howard Stark isn't just a footnote of Tony Stark's backstory, but a character who is going to play a part in the history of the Marvel movieverse. You're going to see him again in Captain America: The First Avenger, but as of now we don't know who will play him? Many fans were hoping John Slattery would be reprising the role, though word is now spreading that Dominic Cooper is apparently in the running for the part.

Or at least Salon thinks he is. They caught up with Cooper at Cannes, and they mention he's being tipped to play young Howard Stark in Captain America. The wording leaves it unclear whether he's officially signed, or merely in the running. Cooper doesn't even mention it during the course of the interview, but presumably did once the camera was turned off.
Source: Cinematical

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