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Hot Tub Time Machine Review by Adam Harris

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Taken from: http://harrisdunnonfilmtv.blogspot.com/

I saw this a good month ago whilst on a trip to the New York, but seeing as it's only out in England over the next few weeks, I'm going to re-jog my memory to get a review out.
First off, the film is silly, stupid and very rude, but the most important thing of note is that it is really very, very funny. Starting off on a trip planned to cheer up their suicidal friend, (Rob Corddry, someone I hadn't heard of beforehand, but with enough talent to easily be this years Zach Galifianakis) John Cusack and Craig Robinson soon discover that their old teenage holiday town is not the place it used to be. Run down, decrepid and with a bell-boy (Crispin Glover) who only has one arm (a running gag throughout the movie), the week away is heading towards being majorly sucky.
That is, until the patio doors blast open, and they see the large Hot Tub outside. Cue a 'The Hangover' credits esc. montage of drinks, drugs and rock and roll, and they wake up to find themselves not where they were last night.
It's clear from the film title and the trailer, that they end up back in time in the 80's, and to spoil any of the jokes, shout outs to both the the past and present, would be to do the film a major disservice, but what follows is a very adult 'Back to the Future', when they all discover that they now are being given a chance to change their lives for the better, often with hilarious results. The end result is quite cheesy and over the top, but it's that funny it doesn't matter, it's well worth a watch, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed last years sleeper hit 'The Hangover.'

Verdict: 82%
Tummy Tickler: 10/10. If you don't laugh, you should probably check your alive.
The Boom Factor: 4/10. Not any explosions, but plenty of frenetic and very funny sequences. Think nothing of it :)
Love is in the Air: 7/10. There's no denying that the movie is littered with the meaning and finding of friendship and family. In a word, its heart-warming, when it wants to be. And it works :)
Spill the Popcorn Terror: 1/10. Only for a cocktail stick to the eye. :P

Final Words: Hilarious, totally tongue in cheek. And what's it about? As Craig Robinson says, "Well...it must be a Hot Tub Time Machine!"

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