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X-Men: First Class - Casting Already Started?

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Thanks to The ODI for the heads up.

Now that Fox has announced a June 3, 2011, date for "X-Men: First Class," which it's seeing as a J.J. Abrams "Star-Trek"-style reboot of the X-franchise, the studio is going to have to move lickity-split to get the movie shot and in postproduction if it wants to release it on time.

There is reason to believe, however, that preliminary casting may have already begun.

Bryan Singer was to have directed "First Class" but is instead focusing on "Jack the Giant Killer." But he stayed on "First Class" as a producer and is committed to being very involved in steering the movie. Singer has been meeting with young actors to star in "Giant Killer," which needs its young farmer Jack and princess, among others. The filmmaker is eyeing a summer shoot in England for the big-budget special-effects-laden retelling of the classic fairy tale.

Word among the Hollywood community is that Singer has been using "Giant Killer's" casting process as an opportunity to look for potential X-Men, vetting actors who may be qualified to play a young Cyclops or young Jean Grey.

In a way, he is casting two movies simultaneously and earning the title of multitasker of the month.

Source: Heatvision Blog

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