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Knight and Day - Review

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You are not going to believe this because I'm having a hard time as well. At first I thought perhaps the world had come to an end. But once I saw a video of Snooki pitching a fit because her favorite tanning salon was closed for remodeling, I knew civilization was safe. Yesterday, I saw Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in "Knight and Day" and loved it. But before you call 9-1-1 on me, let me explain.

Like you, I agree Tom has issues. And, his issues have been played out for all to see on TMZ and Oprah. Cameron has also taken the proverbial media beating when it comes to her love (and sex) life and I agree, they have no one to blame but themselves. But aside from their baggage, these two are able to sell this fun, energetic, and creative summer flick.

Cameron plays June, an upbeat girl next door who builds muscle cars from the 70's. Tom is Roy, a recently turned rogue secret agent resisting the loss of his humanity. They meet by chance (or is it chance?) and June's life will never be the same.

Cruise brings a lovable charm to Roy and it's refreshing to see him enjoying the role. This is not a refurbished Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible. You can feel Roy genuinely cares about June. He's keenly aware that his injection into her life may bring about June's demise at the hands of his enemies and he does everything in his power to make sure that doesn't happen.

Cameron, as June, is fresh and naive. She, too, is having the time of her life in this film. Her approach to June is believable and we enjoy watching her grow and change as she takes on Roy's world of espionage. It's truly fun watching her become infatuated with Roy and her infatuation is contagious.

I laughed at all the jokes, skipped a heart beat during the action sequences, marveled at the stunts and actually cared about these characters throughout the flick. This may not be "the" film to repair Tom's damaged reputation, but it's clearly a great start.

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