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Announcing the all New SpoilerTV Chrome Extension

We're pleased to announce the release of our brand new Chrome Extension for SpoilerTV. We've listened to a lot of the feedback that people have been sendin us and we hope that you like this new version.

Introduction - Why do I need this
Over the years we've had a lot of feedback about the site and how people can be kept up to date with the latest news/spoilers/articles etc. We have a number of mechanisms already in place, ie the RSS Feeds, Twitter Alerts. Both of these require you to use a RSS Feedreader or Twitter Client or load the Twitter page or simply by loading SpoilerTV and pressing F5 to see if there is any new content. This extension means you no longer need any of that to be kept up to date with SpoilerTV.


- Alerts (unread count) for new articles
- Customizable by topics in Options Panel
- Updates every 60 seconds
- Easy sharing via Twitter, Facebook and Digg (with Bit.ly urls)
- Allows easy search of SpoilerTV's online news archive

This extension sits in your Chrome Browser bar and will alert you whenever there is new content that YOU are interested in.

Don't want the Movies news cluttering up your information? Cool, you can turn it off
Want the Latest Celeb Photos from Red Carpet Events? Great you can turn that on.
Just interested in Smallville, House and Fringe. Great, you can just be alerted for those 3 shows.

In fact you can change many options of the whole extension and tailor it to how YOU want it.

This extension currently only works with Google Chrome and to be honest you should really think about changing browsers to Chrome as it's the fastest and most secure of all the browsers and one that we all use here at SpoilerTV.

To install the Extension, just visit the SpoilerTV Extension Page here. Click Install and follow the instructions. Once done you will be taken to a Welcome Page and promoted if necessary to setup your Options.

The Extension just sits their patiently waiting for the new content that you've asked for to be updated. Once it is the SpoilerTV Icon will show you the number of new items that have been loaded.

Click on the Icon to see all the Posts that you are interested in sorted by time and the new items will be at the top and highilighted in orange. Clicking the title link will open up that post and you can Share the post directly to Facebook or Twitter on the Extension.

You can click on the "More Stories" link at the bottom to scroll down and clicking on the Options link will let you select the sections/shows that interest you.

The Future
Stay Tuned as we have a LOT of fancy things planned for later versions of this extension.

We are looking at doing a Firefox and Safari version of the extension later in the year, but for now try out Chrome, you won't be disappointed.

If you have any comments, feedback, ideas and/or suggestions, please do not hesitate in contact me at darkufo@spoilertv.com or by leaving your comments in the comments below. Also if there are shows that are not listed on the Options screen and you would like them added, please leave a comment to this post below. The shows with the most requests will slowly be added to the system.

You can also leave feedback on the Extension Page

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