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Angry Birds to Become First Mobile Game Made Into Movie!?

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Wow. As we all know Hollywood always looks to everything and anything for inspiration and when they started remaking comic books into movies it was cool. When we heard that movies were starting to be made based on video games we were intrigued. Then came childhood board games like Monopoly and Battleship, perhaps we did not like the idea but now comes word from Variety that the popular iPhone mobile game Angry Birds could be made into a movie!?

A movie is just one potential component the makers are working on but the whole deal would be for toys, comic books and a TV show.

If they can pull this off it would be just awesome for them but I can't even imagine seeing a movie based on Angry Birds.

The game has over 6 Million downloads so they already have a potential audience and that is what sells sometimes.

So what do you think? Have you ever played Angry Birds? I have and it is crazy addicting.

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