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Lauren Shuler Donner Updates Magneto, Wolverine 2 and Deadpool!!

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For those who do not know who Lauren Shuler Donner is? Well she is one of the main producers for these Marvel films and recently did an interview with our friends over at Crave Online.

Here are some quick updates on the various projects:

On Magneto in reference to X-Men: First Class:

“No. You know, there’s internal discussions but probably not. It kind of got incorporated into this one, a lot of it.”

So basically no Magneto anytime soon because the story was incorporated into X-Men: First Class

On Wolverine 2:

“Well, we have another Wolverine that we’re going to do, The Wolverine Saga, with Mariko, The Japanese Story, that miniseries. But that we pretty much follow the comic pretty closely, as closely, really closely.”

On Ryan Reynolds Involvement with Deadpool:

He is so committed to it that he worked with the writers on the script. Even though he’s doing Green Lantern, he’s stayed involved in that project. I’m hoping we’ll get it off the ground next year.

On How Reynolds Playing Green Lantern Affects Deadpool:

It’s very different. It’s like Harrison Ford doing Star Wars and Indiana Jones. DC and Marvel are different universes with different movies. …the more popular and well known he is the better.

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