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Movie Review - The Other Guys

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We have seen tons of movies about the cops who go out there and shoot up the city, blow up the bad guys and lay it on on the line every day in the name of justice. The Other Guys, starring Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Michael Keaton and Eva Mendes is not that movie. Instead, the movie focuses on the cops that don't get all the glory, they focus on the paper work and long to be heroes. So, can a movie about those cops be entertaining or at least funny? It can with the most awkward duo in cinema.

The movie follows Wahlberg and Ferrell as two paper pushing cops who look to step into the position of top cop after Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson leave a void in the position. Sadly, they aren't the action heroes everyone talks about, despite their attempts. Wahlberg is still trying to get over having to use his gun on a hilarious victim, and Ferrell's character longs for the safety of his desk due to a hidden past. However, when they get deep into a money scandal, the gloves come off, the Prius is charged, and the wooden gun gets ready for an all out brawl.

The first thing you will notice in the film is the great characters portrayed by great actors. Ferrell was turned down from his usual "11" to be extremely funny without being too over the top. Wahlberg is a great wannabe action hero, and the straight man to Ferrell's ridiculousness, and Michael Keaton as the Captain is brilliant. The rest of the supporting cast will hit your funny bone as well.

There are a few hilarious jokes that keep getting rehashed that never get old, like Ferrell's car, being a red Prius, and in the middle of an action chase scene, it's the last thing you would expect. And don't forget Farrell's smoking hot wife, played by Eva Mendes, who is hilariously out of place. Of course the banter between Wahlberg and Farrell is hilarious and is the star, as you can feel the ridiculous friction, and the awkward comedy between the partners.

The other jewel is the music. The music is loud and in your face and is often a gag of its own. It does a great job of reminding you that you are in a comedy as it keeps the mood really light, and very silly.

The movie is not Anchorman, or Talladega Nights. It doesn't have as many quotable lines that will be seen as Facebook status updates for years to come, but it will make you laugh out loud (or LOL as those crazy kids say). There are plenty of scenes the entire audience laughed at, and overall it was a great comedy to keep you entertained for the entire hour and 47 minutes. The other guys can be quite entertaining.

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