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Sherlock Holmes 2 - Stephen Fry cast as Mycroft


It’s far too rare of a treat to see Stephen Fry’s work in America, and unless they happen to be Bones fans, most younger Americans may know him far more for his Twitter account than his excellent acting skills. So it was a wonderful treat to find out from the man himself on BBC Radio 5 Saturday that he’s been cast in Guy Ritchie’s followup to his 2009 Sherlock Holmes film.

Not only is Fry going to be in the movie, but he’s terrifically cast as Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s older brother, who appears in four of Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories. Moviefone described Mycroft as “sort of a fatter, lazier version of Holmes, armed with powers of deduction that may surpass even those of his younger sibling’s, but utterly unwilling to do the legwork to put them to any practical use.” Sherlock will be played, as he was in Ritchie’s original film, by Robert Downey, Jr., with Jude Law as John Watson.

Fry, who is currently busy promoting his new book “The Fry Chronicles” and his recent UK “standup” appearances at Royal Albert Hall and elsewhere discussing topics suggested by people on Twitter, unfavorably compared Mycroft to his previous portrayal of Oscar Wilde. But it will be wonderful to see him matching his undeniable verbal jousting skills with Downey and Law as well playing a role based on a true British classic.

Source: Anglotopia

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