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Summer 2010 Box Office Wrapup - Winners, Surprises, Busts and More!

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Well the Summer Movie season ended quietly with George Clooney's The American winning the Labor Day weekend box office. Now that the Summer Season is officially over, lets take a look back and the top box office earners, surprises and busts.

Did your favorite movies make the lists? Do you think we should have included others? Please let us know below!


Summer 2010 Box Office - Top 10 in Total Sales:
1) Toy Story 3D (June 18th): $408.8M
2) Iron Man 2 (May 7th): $312M
3) Twilight: Eclipse (June 30th): $298.8M
4) Inception (July 16th): $278.5M
5) Despicable Me (July 9th): $241.5M
6) Shrek Forever After (May 21st): $238.4M
7) The Karate Kid (June 11th): $176.3M
8) Grown Ups (June 25th): $160.2M
9) The Last Airbender (July 1st): $131.1M
10) Salt (July 25th): 115.5M

NOTE: The Expendables ($94M) and The Other Guys ($108M) are still earning and will most likely both pass Salt and maybe Last Airbender with one or both of the movies finishing in the 9th or 10th spots.

BUSTS - Top 5 Worst in Total Sales:
1) MacGruber: $8.5M
2) Jonah Hex: $10.5M
3) Splice: $17M
4) Piranha 3D: $23M
5) Scott Pilgrim v the World: $29.3M

Predators ($52M), Get Him to the Greek ($61M), The Sorcerer's Apprentice ($62M), The A-Team ($77M), Prince of Persia: Sands of Time ($90.7M), Sex and the City 2 (95.3M) Robin Hood ($105M) all underperformed as each of them could of been potential blockbusters.

Toy Story 3D, Iron Man 2, Twilight: Eclipse and Inception all finished 1-4 and performed well as expected by most box office predictions and expectations. Toy Story 3D performed so well that it is currently 9th on ALL-TIME Domestic Box Office List. Of course, the higher ticket prices (including 3D showings) have helped it.

The next installments of Toy Story, Twilight and Iron Man will all perform well and still bring in big money at the box office, while I doubt we will see an Inception sequel anytime soon. Most are still trying to figure out if it was all just a dream and just want to see Nolan's next Batman already!

Unfortunately for movies like, MacGruber, Jonah Hex, and Piranha 3D they pretty much performed quite poorly as expected.

Surprises are basically based on my expectations and some predictions I can remember from various sites prior to the summer season. A "surprise" could be a movie that performed well or poorly.

Despicable Me and The Karate Kid are probably the two movies in the Top 10 that surprised me the most. Yes, after the marketing and trailers a few week prior to the release of Despicable Me I was not surprised how well it performed. However, I thought it might lose out money between Sherk Forever After and Toy Story 3D, but Despicable Me held its own and cracked the Top 5!

As far as The Karate Kid goes, it of course appealed to the young audience and in the summer time when the kids are off from school no one should really be surprised that movie like this could perform well. The same demographic helped The Last Aribender into the Top 10 when it should have probably been in the BUSTS list. However, I was indeed surprised by how well the remake performed. Many predictions across the net had this movie listed as a potential bust and almost from the moment the remake was signed, the movie had a target on it's back. Well guess what it made more than enough money and cracked the Top 10. Congrats to both movies!

Personally I had high hopes for both Predators and The A-Team. I knew there was a good chance both would end up where they did but I was really hoping for them to be big blockbusters and make the Top 10. I am big action/sci-fi guy and actually thought both movies were a fun watch. Unfortunately they were not great and thus ended up below my expectations. Like the Karate Kid, both Predators and the A-Team had targets on their backs being remakes of already great products.

Another movie that is probably a big surprise to some but maybe not to others is Scott Pilgrim v the World. This is pretty much the second straight movie (KickAss being the other) to have some serious good buzz with geeks and blogsites but poorly under performed. However, I read several articles about both movies and they all have the same ring to them, that the geeks online just do not turn up for the movies. Did you watch either?


Robin Hood, Sex and the City 2 and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time all struggled to make just about $100M each. With higher ticket prices these movies all cost the studios some serious money, but all three will probably perform well in DVD sales and rentals to help the studios out just a bit.

To end I would like to mention the two spy couple action comedy movies Knight and Day ($76M) and Killers ($47M) that tried to tap into the Mr. and Mrs. Smith money. Both had some star power with Knight and Day probably getting a little boost from Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise fans, but neither performed too well.

I am not sure if this genre is dead or people just did not like these movies. Of course Hollywood will always pair up couples in the hope that an action movie can be a date movie and make a ton of money. It will be interesting to see if Hollywood will try to tap into this well again? It always does!

Well thanks for reading and I hope to do another Year-End Wrap Up after the Winter Holiday Season.

Finally, I leave you with a list of potential winners for the rest of the year.


You can find more information about each of these movies by using the main menu bar above, the the drop down menu to search for a movie OR just click on a link below.


The Town (Sept. 17th), Wall St: Money Never Sleeps (Sept. 24th), Let Me In (Oct 1st), Jackass 3D (Oct 15th), RED (Oct 15th), Paranormal Activity 2(Oct 22nd), Saw 3D (Oct 29th), Monsters (Oct 29th), Due Date (Nov 5th), Megamind (Nov 5th), Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows (Nov 19th), Tangled (Nov 24th), Black Swan (Dec 3rd), The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Dec 10th), Tron: Legacy (Dec 17th), Little Fockers (Dec 22nd)

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