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Alien Prequel - Script Leak Details (Big Spoilers)

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What's Playing website got their hands on the script for Ridley Scott's upcoming "Alien" prequel and has posted lots of spoiler-filled details about the movie. The article has since been taken down at the request of 20th Century Fox.

* The script tells of the space jockeys traveling from planet to planet and terraforming them. The process is essentially transforming a planet where living beings can exist.

* The aliens are used by the space jockeys (known as "Growers" in the script) in their terraforming process as some sort of biological tools. They usually don't develop into the creatures that we know, but do so during the latest effort.

* The space jockeys are holding two human slave farmers captive. They are named Fin and Karik and are forced (via mind control) to engage in sexual activity. (The twist: they're both male).

* The idea behind the man-on-man action is apparently that the growers want their human slaves to breed. They have no idea about human genders as they are a single sex race and so things get a little confused.

* The signature alien won't appear until the latter half of the film when it fully develops.

* There will be a spaceship crew, consisting of a black female named Oliver, similar to Vasquez (Jenette Goldstein) from "Aliens." And another female crew member named Truks, who Gemma Arterton (Clash of the Titans) is rumored to play.

* Ridley Scott has met with Lance Henriksen to appear in the film.

* The editor calls the film a hard science fiction, part psychological drama.

Source: worstpreviews

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