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The Lorax - Danny DeVito to Speak for the Trees

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USA Today is reporting that Danny DeVito will be the voice of the Lorax in the new 3D animated movie called The Lorax based on the Dr. Seuss book.

The Lorax is the character that defends the trees from Once-ler a businessman who uses the trees to make everything.

Thanks to our friends at FirstShowing for the description of the characters and book:

The Lorax is a remorseful and saddened narrator speaks of the industrial, entrepreneurial endeavors of the Once-ler, who uses the tufts of the Truffula Trees to make the versatile product Thneeds (a thing everyone needs). But in his efforts to mass-market his best-selling product, the businessman begins to destroy the world around him, exhausting all the natural resources and polluting the environment. Suddenly, The Lorax speaks for the trees in an attempt to make him stop production and the destruction of the land and its animals. However, his efforts are ignored, thus ruining the once beautiful landscape and leaving the Once-ler with regret.

Source: Greenwala

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