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The Dark Knight Rises - Latest Casting Rumors

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Since it's a slow news week so far, why not toss around some rumored names for Christopher Nolan's recently titled sequel The Dark Knight Rises. It's been mentioned elsewhere previously that Nolan has been meeting with actresses to take a lead female role in the anticipated franchise sequel. Obviously since Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal) won't return, at least one female lead role needs to show up, but a new rumor has two major female roles looking to be cast. Comic Book Movie reports Charlize Theron is being considered for one while Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air) and Kacie Thomas (The Burning Plain) are up for the second. Read on!

Theron is apparently up for the role of Detective Sarah Essen, a love interest for Commissioner Jim Gordon. In the comics, Essen is partnered with Gordon and they begin a romantic affair. Theron seems a little young for Gordon, but maybe they'll be changing the way she interacts with Gordon. Of course, there's always the change this is simply a red herring and maybe Theron is up for playing Catwoman. I'm not at all against seeing Theron in some tight leather outfits.

Meanwhile, Farmiga and Thomas are both up for the role of Julie Madison, a love interest for Bruce Wayne. In the comics, Madison was a socialite once engaged to Bruce Wayne and thought she was unaware of his being Batman, she was used as a pawn by the vampiric villain Monk in his battle against the Caped Crusader. While the roles are certainly possibilities, these are definitely rumors at this point, and likely these characters could end up having a completely different impact on the story in the film than they have previously had on the comic books.

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