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The Dark Knight Rises but Tom Hardy Bane Searches Skyrocket!

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Well, I as I posted yesterday, I am pretty excited to see Tom Hardy play the role of Bane in Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises and trust Christopher Nolan's vision.

Many fans are still upset with Bane being a part of the movie, but one thing that we know is official is, fans want to know more about Tom Hardy as Bane.

In about 24 hours, Yahoo is reporting that the search "Tom Hardy Bane" skyrocketed an astonishing 17,662%!!

Of course with any stat sometimes they can be misleading. Yes, it proves people were really curious to find out who Hardy is and why him, but since no one really expected Hardy to play Bane, there were probably very few searches for "Tom Hardy Bane" and it would account for such a large jump.

For those curious about Bane, he did indeed appear in a previous Batman movie as Poison Ivy's henchmen but that role totally did not do his character from the comic books justice. Bane was a smart villain and also had the muscles to eventually defeat Batman and break his back. I really wonder if Nolan will take the story this route, but it was one of my favorite story lines written for the Batman comic book series.

Some of the curiosity around Bane is how will Hardy appear as an 8 foot Hulk like villain. Of course Hardy has time to bulk up but maybe we might get some CGI. I hope not but who knows?

So 24 hours later are you more or less excited about Hardy playing Bane?

If you are still disappointed and can not picture Hardy as Bane, as his character in Inception says: "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling."

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