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SpoilerTV Movies - Greatest Movie Character of All Time - Nomination Stage


Update: Last few days, get your votes in now!

Hey Guys,

We are continuing our improvements of the Movie Section of SpoilerTV by starting a 'Greatest Movie Character of All Time' Competition.
This part of the competition is the first stage, where we will collect our 64 finalists for entering into the competition, and to do so we need you to nominate two male characters and two female characters who you think are worthy of a place in the final selection.

The Rules are Simple:
1. Select Two Male & Two Female Characters.
2. You may not select two male characters or two female characters from the same movie, however it is allowed to select one male and one female from the same movie in your nominations. For example, Jack Sparrow & Will Turner is not allowed, however Jack Sparrow & Elizabeth Swan is not allowed.
3. Be clear with your answers, we need Full Names and Movie Titles. An example answer would be 'Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean.'
4. There is no certainty of 32 male and 32 female characters making the final 64, the separations in the nominating phase is designed to get a fair reflection of both sexes, however if 64 women get more nominations than any man, the finals would be all women. The separation is designed to make this more unlikely, whilst still being a fair reflection on the greatest characters.

After this stage, I will announce the finalists, and hopefully we will have our SpoilerTV Brackets up and running so you can predict who you think will make it all the way to the final. This is currently not certain and subject to time and interest in the competition.
From here, we would head into the main competition in approximately 2-3 weeks into February.

Of course, please spread the word through Twitter, Facebook, IMDb, whatever places you feel would generate interest in the competition.

For now, have a good think about nominations, and comment below with any queries.

Twitter: AdDHarris

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