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Bond 23 - Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes in Talks to Join Cast

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Earlier this week several stories hit the internet that Javier Bardem was offered a role in Bond 23. The early reports speculated it was for the main villain role and that Bardem wanted to read the script before he makes his decision.

So I held off posting anything because there was no confirmation but more and more reports kept surfacing and Bardem did make some official statements saying something along the lines that this will be a new breed of Bond movie.

Now today, there are reports that Ralph Fiennes has also been offered a role, but once again no confirmation for what role. The speculation is maybe he might be the "main" baddie with Bardem being the guy Bond is actually fighting with through the movie. I picture Jaws from the earlier bond movies. I have also read a couple of stories suggesting that Finnes could play maybe a double agent.

Well either way, I like both the actors and if both are cast I would be super excited to see how it all plays out.

What do you guys think of Bardem and Finnes?

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