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Prometheus (Alien Prequel) - Fassbender Reveals Details and Character

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Well there you go! Moments after I just made the casting update post saying I will continue to call this an Alien Prequel unless someone confirms otherwise we get a confirmation that the movie has "roots" to the Alien World.

Thanks to Coming Soon for the rest of the details:

Fassbender said that the "script is really intelligent and has a nice pace to it." Asked again about the film's connection to Alien, he added, "It's a different story, but it's also got the traditional roots. Alien fans will recognize things in it. It's not ignoring Alien, there's still a link to that world. But it's a different story. It's definitely connected, though."

And then he was asked whether he'll be playing an android in the film, at which time he laughed and said, "I don't know what I can say!" While he said that, he looked down at the reporter's tape recorder and then nodded affirmatively.

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