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SpoilerTV Greatest Movie Character Competition: Predict the Winners & Win A Prize


The Nominations are in, the 64 characters you have selected to be entered into the 'SpoilerTV Greatest Movie Character Competition' are finalised. (See Below for Full List) The draw has been completed and all the characters are ready to be selected by you in the main competition which starts on February 28th, where we will have daily polls to see who you vote as the greatest character, with the winners progressing to the further stages. There's some corkers from round one: Rick Deckard vs. Batman, Vito Corleone vs. Travis Bickle, The Joker vs. Wolverine... It's going to be one hell of a competition!

Before that, we are offering a prize to the person who can predict who will win what all the way to the finals in a few weeks.
The person who predicts the most correct will win a $30 DVD Voucher; if you guess everything right then $100 dollars is yours!
You have until Sunday 27th to get your predictions in...

For more information on how to join the Prediction Competition, see my simple How To Guide below! If you've used the Dawgsled page before, the link to get back there is: http://www.dawgsled.com/darkufo/login.asp

How To Join The Game
1. Head to http://www.dawgsled.com/darkufo/login.asp
2. On the Dawgsled Homepage, Click 'Create an Account.'

3. Fill in your account information and click 'Create My Account.'

4. Your account is created, wait for your email confirmation from dawgsled. In the meantime click 'Click Here' to return to the login page.
5. Once you get the email, take your password and fill it into the login page. Click 'sign in.'

6. Welcome to the Dawgsled Home Page. Click on '2011 SpoilerTV Movie Cup.'

7. Welcome to the Competition Homepage. Click the Large Text saying 'Join This Contest.'

8. You have now joined the Competition, and you need to fill out the Prediction bracket. Do do this you must click on the now 'red' button to the left hand side saying 'Bracket Manager.'

9. You are now on the Bracket Manager. Simple from here click on the red 'Fill Out Bracket' link to take you to the prediction bracket.

10. This is the fun part, simply click on the person you think (not want, it's a prediction game!) will win and they will move forward into the next round.

11. Fill in all the results right the way through to the final round. In case of a tie, we ask you to enter what percentage you think both finalist will get in order to give us a clear winner.

12. Click 'Submit' and you are ready for the competition, confirmed by seeing a 1 appear next to your name in the table. All that's left to do now, is get your friends to join in and let the battle commence on February 28th, the day after the Oscars!

Source: SpoilerTV

The complete List of Characters which made the finals are here:
Ace Ventura: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Ellen Ripley: Alien
Margo Channing: All About Eve
Amelie Poulain: Amelie
Ron Burgundy: Anchorman
Annie Hall: Annie Hall
Marty McFly: Back To The Future
Doc. Brown: Back To The Future
Nina Sayers: Black Swan
Rick Deckard: Blade Runner
Charles Foster: Kane Citizen Kane
John McClaine: Die Hard
E.T: E.T
Olive Penderghast: Easy A
Tyler Durden: Fight Club
Scarlett O'Hara: Gone With The Wind
Rhett Butler: Gone With The Wind
Harry Potter: Harry Potter
Hermione Granger: Harry Potter
Tony Stark: Iron Man
James Bond: James Bond
Juno: Juno
Hit Girl: Kick Ass
The Bride: Kill Bill
Gandalf: LOTR
Aragorn: LOTR
Eowyn: LOTR
Donna: Mamma Mia
Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins
Eliza Doolittle: My Fair Lady
Jack Sparrow: POTC
Elizabeth Turner: POTC
Vivian Ward: Pretty Woman
Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes
Han Solo: Star Wars
Darth Vader: Star Wars
Leia Organa: Star Wars
Yoda: Star Wars
Superman: Superman
Sweeney Todd: Sweeney Todd
Travis Bickle: Taxi Driver
The Dude: The Big Lebowski
Jason Bourne: The Bourne Identity
The Joker: The Dark Knight
Batman: The Dark Knight
Miranda Priestly: The Devil Wears Prada
Michael Corleone: The Godfather
Vito Corleone: The Godfather
Neo: The Matrix
Trinity: The Matrix
Hannibal Lecter: The Silence of the Lambs
Clarice Starling: The Silence of the Lambs
Sarah Connor: The Terminator
The Terminator: The Terminator
Rose DeWitt Bukater: Titanic
Atticus Finch: To Kill A Mockingbrd
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Quorra: Tron: Legacy
Edward Cullen: Twilight
Bella Swan: Twilight
Sally Albright: When Harry Met Sally
Willy Wonka: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
Wolverine: X-Men

Any queries or problems please contact me at adamdharris@spoilertv.com

Good Luck!
Twitter: AdDHarris

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