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Paranormal Activity 2 Review by Stephen Portman

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A prequel to the 2009 sleeper hit. You can tell that the film has a much bigger budget... more cast members and more cameras but, ultimately, less scares.

I am a huge fan of the first one. So much so that I was already pessimistic about this before I had seen it. Horror films don’t need sequels/prequels. When will Hollywood understand that?

This one isn’t terrible but doesn’t have the impact that the first one had. For starters, it’s extremely slow. The first half of the film is setting up the characters and giving back story yadda yadda yadda.


The film starts with a small family and their nanny and time jumps a couple of times from the wife being pregnant to her bringing the baby home to the baby being a 2 year old. Then, it shows the families daily routine. They hear a couple of noises and start to suspect the house is haunted, except for the father as he is a non believer in the paranormal. Eventually, we meet Katie and Micah (from the first one). Katie is the Sister of the Step Mother. I don’t want to give away too many plot details as I’m not a huge fan of giving away spoilers so I’ll leave it there.

Now, for my thoughts on it. Well, honestly, some of the scares were quite good. Most were pants, but not all of them. It’s just a shame that it took nearly 3 quarters of the films running time for the good stuff to happen. I know the first one took its time but this took even longer and the bits in-between weren’t all that entertaining.

The whole “let’s give the demon a Back Story and a Purpose” was a bad move. Trying to justify its motives doesn’t enhance its effectiveness, it diminishes it. On top of that, the reason that they did provide was pathetic. Honestly.

The scares that work are great. It’s just a shame that there are probably 3 in the entire movie. Some of the things that I think were meant to be scary had a tendency to make me laugh (The father jumping in the Hot Tub was one of them). Most of the film is the same as first one just not as good.

This is one of those films where there’s not really a lot to say about it so what I will tell you, is rent it. Don’t buy it (unless it’s in the bargain bucket) as you’ll only watch it once, unless you fall asleep the first time and have to try again.

Even though the budget was bigger, it feels like a cheap copy of the first one instead of something new. I’ve also heard that they are making a 3rd one which leaves me with one final thought... can it be worse than this? Surely not!

Rating: 4 out of 10

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