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SpoilerTV Greatest Movie Character Competition - Day 2 - Sarah Connor vs. Jason Bourne & Lara Croft vs. Rhett Butler


Hey Guys,

The competition continues today with two more battles in round one, after the first day saw Hermione Granger & Indiana Jones reach round two in relatively easy fashion.
Today sees 'The Terminators' Sarah Connor take on Jason Bourne as well as Tomb Raider herself Lara Croft taking on 'Gone With The Winds' Rhett Butler.

If you joined in the Prediction Game, you will be able to view your current scores here: http://www.dawgsled.com/darkufo/ (It's not currently working, but it will be soon)
Who will be next to reach round two, it's simple. Just vote and tweet out who you're favourite was.
The Polls are Below! Get Voting

Sarah Connor vs. Jason Bourne

Sarah Connor
Played by: Linda Hamilton
Seen In: The Terminator Franchise

Jason Bourne
Played By: Matt Damon
Seen In: The Bourne Trilogy

Lara Croft vs. Rhett Butler

Lara Croft
Played By: Angelina Jolie
Seen In: The Tomb Raider Trilogy

Rhett Butler
Played By: Clark Gable
Seen In: Gone With The Wind

Who do you think will/should win? Vote away and comment below...

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