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Super 8 - New Viral Site Brings Back Memories of LOST Experience ARG

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For those of you that have followed JJ Abrams' projects and are LOST fans, then thinking back to the first LOST ARG The LOST Experience is something that puts a smile on your face.

It will always be the original and in my opinion the best. I did enjoy the others, but the whole Dharma video vibe and how the clips of the video were revealed one by one was something that easily grabbed our attentions.

Well JJ is known for viral marketing campaigns and his new movie Super 8 like his previous sci-fi monster flick Cloverfield has begun a viral campaign where several hidden clues have been revealed via the trailers.

The most recent trailer had a few more hidden images and also revealed the following viral site:


If you head over to the link and play with the site you will see a video open that has several missing clips and looks very much like an old school Dharma video.

So if you miss the LOST experience and love JJ's stuff make sure you go check out the new editing room site and enjoy the fun!

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