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Green Lantern - Detailed Synopsis of WonderCon Footage

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The folks at CBR have posted a complete breakdown of the Green Lantern WonderCon 2011 panel and some nice details of the footage that was screened for the audience.

Here is the breakdown, but check out CBR for the full details of the panel:

The footage opened with Abin Sur delivering grave tidings to Sinestro, who is shown as a hologram. The planet Ventara has been decimated, and there is no one left to evacuate. The exchange continues for a few moments... until Parallax bursts in and a chase ensues. Great visual effects here, lots of big, explosive action.

Abin Sur manages to get away in an escape pod... and we jump to Earth. Here's Hal Jordan, coming across the crashed pod containing the dying Green Lantern. We see Abin give him the ring and tell him to wear it in front of the lantern and speak the oath.

Cut to Jordan's apartment. There's the lantern sitting on the coffee table. A jokey moment; Hal sits down and ponders what the heck the oath could be. Spouts out a string of nonsense, including part of the Pledge of Allegiance. Suddenly the lantern flares to life. Hal is entranced by the green glow, and his take on the same hue as he speaks the proper Green Lantern oath.

It's on, folks.

Now we cut to Oa, and Hal meeting Tomar Re. Another funny scene. Ryan Reynolds isn't pulling out straight comedy, but the sharp, sarcastic wit is very much there. We see a brief skyline shot of Oa, and then Sinestro addressing the assembled Green Lantern Corps in a yawning cavern at the base of a giant Green Lantern logo. Parallax is coming, he warns.

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