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SpoilerTV Greatest Movie Character Competition - Round 2 Day 17 - Elizabeth Turner vs. James Bond & Sherlock Holmes vs. Yoda


Hey Guys,

Sorry for the short delay between round one and round two but I've been away for a birthday weekend. We're back now and if you cast your minds back you will remember Batman and Princess Leia were the final two characters to take their place in Round Two.
Today kicks off Round Two with POTC's Elizabeth Turner challenging James Bond as well as RDJ's version of Sherlock Holmes taking on Yoda.
Let the battle commence...

In the prediction, Cadence found himself sneaking ahead with a fantastic 30 points from the 32 available. With such a strong start to the competition can he be beaten? If anyone can do it then resident strong challenger Mks could be the person, one behind on a very impressive 29 points. There is lots to play for, and with four points available per day, it's game on.

Time to vote folks...

Elizabeth Turner vs. James Bond

Elizabeth Turner
Played By: Keira Knightley
Seen In: The Pirates Of The Caribbean Trilogy

James Bond
Played By: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan & Daniel Craig
Seen In: The Bond Franchise

Sherlock Holmes vs. Yoda

Sherlock Holmes
Played By: Robert Downey Jr.
Seen In: Sherlock Holmes

Played By: Frank Oz
Seen In: The Star Wars Franchise

Thanks for voting and playing today, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the start of Round Two with Jason Bourne vs. Tyler Durden and Lara Croft vs. Gandalf. It's getting serious!

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