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SpoilerTV Greatest Movie Character Competition - Round 2 Day 19 - Scarlett OHara vs. Superman & Hannibal Lecter vs. Aragorn


Hey Guys,

Yesterday saw the end of the line for Tyler Durden and Lara Croft, but is the evidence of two strong challengers for the title in the shape of Jason Bourne who had to beat the tough challenger of Durden and Gandalf who easily knocked Croft out in the Secound Round...
Today sees Scarlett O'Hara take on Superman in an intriguing and perhaps not certain tie as well as a really tough battle between the Oscar Winning Anthony Hopkins as Cannibal and Doctor, Hannibal Lecter takes on the King of Middle Earth himself, King Elessar otherwise known as Strider or Aragorn.

In the prediction competition Cadence hit back with a vengeance, sending himself soaring back onto the top spot, however this time he is joined by 3 others, and perhaps more shockingly is that neither of them are Mks who has slipped into 5th place, albeit only one point behind the leading four. The lead is beginning to toss and turn on a daily basis, evidence that the game may be becoming more unpredictable.

Time to Vote Folks...

Scarlett O'Hara vs. Superman

Scarlett O'Hara
Played By: Vivian Leigh
Seen In: Gone With The Wind

Played by: Christopher Reeve
Seen In: The Superman Franchise

Hannibal Lecter vs. Aragorn

Hannibal Lecter
Played By: Anthony Hopkins
Seen In: Silence Of The Lambs, Hannibal, Red Dragon

Played By: Viggo Mortensen
Seen In: The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

Thanks for voting and playing today, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the start of Round Two with Marty McFly vs. Han Solo & Vito Corleone vs. Neo. It's getting serious!

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