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SpoilerTV Greatest Movie Character Competition - Round 2 Day 21 - Hermione Granger vs. Donna & Michael Corleone vs. The Joker


Hey Guys,

In the last round there were wins for Han Solo who smashed away Marty McFly with relative ease and Neo perhaps surprisingly seeing off Vito Corleone in a photo finish to the end.
Today sees two exciting ties, as Hermione Granger challenges Donna from Mamma Mia in a very recent film tie as well as a mouth watering fight between Michael Corleone and The Joker.

In the prediction competition it was disaster for Mks who saw himself drop down into 21st place after a day with no correct answers, but Barney Stinson held onto the top spot for the second day in a row, keeping himself one point ahead of resident challenger Cadence. Pleasingly for myself, I have moved up to joint 5th place and keeping myself in the hunt.

Time to Vote Folks...

Hermione Granger vs. Donna

Hermione Granger
Played By: Emma Watson
Seen In: The Harry Potter Series

Played By: Merryl Streep
Seen In: Mamma Mia

Michael Corleone vs. The Joker

Michael Corleone
Played By: Al Pacino
Seen In: The Godfather Trilogy

The Joker
Played By: Heath Ledger
Seen In: The Dark Knight

Thanks for voting and playing today, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the continuation of Round Two with Nina Sayers vs. Harry Potter & Jack Sparrow vs. The Bride. It's getting serious!

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