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SpoilerTV Greatest Movie Character Competition - The Final - Darth Vader vs. Jack Sparrow


Hey Guys,

The Final has arrived, 64 Movie Characters has become two, and we say goodbye at the final hurdle to Indiana Jones and to Harry Potter who came so close but yet so far in the race to become SpoilerTV's Greatest Movie Character.
All that is left now is the final, and that is between Darth Vader and Captain Jack Sparrow. In an astonishing final battle in one of the semi-finals, Jack Sparrow and Harry Potter were neck and neck, but at the final moment Jack Sparrow grabbed the important vote that sees him enter the final round of the competition.
Now you have to choose, will Vader rule the galaxy or will Sparrow rules the seas... you have to choose between the two characters, Darth or Jack, James or Johnny, Star Wars or Pirates, pre-2000s or post-2000s...

Darth Vader vs. Jack Sparrow

Darth Vader
Played By: David Prowse, James Earl Jones
Seen In: The Star Wars Saga

Jack Sparrow
Played By: Johnny Depp
Seen In: The Pirates Of The Caribbean Trilogy

In the prediction competition, "geoffxrave" is closing in on final victory with both of the finalists in his predictor. Will his predicted winner grab victory and earn him the prize... It's time to find out.

Thanks for playing, it's been a lot of fun!

Twitter: @AdDHarris


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