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SpoilerTV Greatest Movie Character Competition - The Winner - Darth Vader


Hey Folks,

In a somewhat perfect manner, I can wish all the Star Wars fans "May The Fourth Be With You" and announce that Darth Vader has won our 'SpoilerTV Greatest Movie Character Competition' with 55% of the votes in the final against Captain Jack Sparrow.

Congratulations to everyone who voted for Darth Vader throughout the competition, and condolences to any Jack Sparrow fans who can so near but yet so far.
Also congratulations are in order for Geoff "geoffxrave" Cox who won the prediction competition with 163 points, beating second placed "Woongo" by thirteen points. Third placed finish went to "Two Sides" on 146 points.

In tribute I have 'The Empire Strikes Back' on in the background.

Finally thanks to everyone who joined in the competition, it's been a lot of fun, and if you are interested in the TV Romance Competition then head over to the TV section of the website to join in.

For Now, and until next time, it's goodbye to the Greatest Movie Character Competition...

Twitter: @AdDHarris


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