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Kung Fu Panda 2 "I Wanna See Your Peacock" - Review

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I must say that I was incredibly impressed with this movie. It seems like Dreamworks and Disney are having quite a large role reversal... Where Dreamworks used to be the company with pretty terrible movie sequels, and where Disney's were well thought out. It will be interesting seeing if my prediction is correct over the next few years.

Before we get started, I have a public service announcement for everyone reading this review!

(Also, its best to imagine an announcer speaking the next few paragraphs.)

Welcome to Mister Kelly's rules for going to the movies! A place where you can get more insight into the world of film, and hopefully become a better audience member as we go along.

Rule number one: Don't talk during the movies.

It's a normal occurrence for adults, or even teenagers to go to the movies together. It also is socially acceptable for these groups of people to talk when they are in proximity of each other.

The reason why a majority of people go see movies is to suspend their belief and escape the chatter of everyday life. When you feel the need to speak during the movie, please don't. It forces the people around you out of their own fantasy land back into the depressing real world.

The only situation where you should be talking to people around you is if you were going to interrupt them anyways. Please leave all questions and comments about the movie until afterward. If you fear forgetting the silly banter you were going to say, feel free to bring a notepad and write them down as you go along. Everyone around you will be much happier when you do so.

If you are loud during the film, you risk other people from the audience coming up to you and politely asking you to shut up. How embarrassing.

This concludes Mister Kelly's rules for going to the Movies! And now back to your feature presentation.

(Finished with the announcers voice at this point.)

The reason why I posted this, is because lately whenever I am going to a movie I always find someone not thinking about the people around them. It usually is a matter of someone sneaking something ridiculous into the theater, (a bottle of wine, which breaks when dropped) or when someone is loud (Teenagers, Babies, etc.)

The next time you go see a movie, please think of the people around you.

If you havent seen or heard anything about Kung Fu Panda 2, here is a short spoiler-free synopsis written by yours truly.

(Back to the announcers voice)

"Kung Fu Panda 2 is the continuation of the first film of the same name starring Jack Black (School of Rock, Gulliver's Travels) as Po, a kung-fu fighting panda bear. Along with the 'Furious Five,' Po attempts to save China from the clutches of the peacock Lord Shen, (Gary Oldman, Harry Potter) a powerful and evil part of China's past. Not only will Po have to deal with parts of China's past, but parts of his own as well."

(Ending the announcers voice)

Now if you haven't seen any of my video reviews before, (You can check a few of them out Here.) I review movies in three different categories; how the movie looks, how it sounds, and how the overall story plays out.

REVIEW: How the movie looks. (4/5)

Usually when it comes to animation sequels, effects are usually about the same by using most of the same models. I was very surprised when this movie went out of its way to create new models and characters, as well as revamp the cartoon look during certain parts of the movie to more properly fit the style instead of looking like a bad anime.

I loved watching all the characters in the background, because they weren't just standing around like in other animation movies. They did seem to have a story all on their own. Also, the scenic directors should have gotten a raise with how beautiful all the different sets were.

I did not see the movie in 3D (hurts my eyes) but hearing from people who usually go see movies in 3D, they said it looked much better than most other movies that try to go the route of the third dimension.

REVIEW: How the movie sounds. (3.5/5)

Having all of the original actors reprise their roles was a great choice, I love hearing Jackie Chan, David Cross and Seth Rogan play off each other, but the large addition to the list of famous voice actors was a great choice. A few of the additions from the original movie include Danny McBride, (Your Highness) Dennis Haysbert, (24) Gary Oldman, (Harry Potter) and Jean-Claude Van (Freaking) Damme. Each character held their own throughout the movie, and none were forgettable.

The soundtrack was composed by Hans Zimmer. (Pirates of the Caribbean) I wasnt extremely impressed with a lot of the music, having the same song play through most of the movie did not add much depth to the movie. I think this was one of the biggest letdowns of the movie. It wasnt horrible, just not memorable.

REVIEW: Overall story. (4/5)

I was very impressed with the risks taken to continue this story. Without spoiling anything I'll say that the characters got a great chance to grow and learn, and the overall moral of the story was very exciting to see playing out. Also, they left the story extremely open for a sequel.

I'm excited to see where Dreamworks takes this story in the future.


As always, each of my reviews are opinion based. I would love to hear what you thought of the movie in the comment section below!

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