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Mike Dunn Reviews - Green Lantern

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Remember The Green Lantern? Sure you do! He's the guy with a.... magic ring... or something? Part of a space police squad? Anyway, he's green. And so are a lot of other people. Aliens, in fact. And they can fly, breathe in outer space and create whatever they want just by thinking it. Cool, right? I mean, why not?

Yeah, I hadn't really heard of him before the trailer was released. But I wasn't the only one, as I had quite a few conversations of people confusing him with The Green Arrow, The Green Hornet and The Jolly Green Giant, so at least I knew a bit about him.

Since Lantern isn't as famous as his DC brothers Superman and Batman, a quick Wikipedia research session provided me with the background. Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is a cocky and arrogant fighter pilot who is chosen to become a Green Lantern. The Green Lanterns are fearless universal peace-keepers who use the power of might and will to protect justice in the Universe. They use Power Rings to manifest their imagination and can create anything if their ring is charged by their Lantern. However, they don't take kindly to Jordan, the first human Green Lantern. His first task puts him against the world-devouring 'fear entity', Parallax.

That mouthful should give you the hint of how much this film tries to pack into itself, quickly skipping over important plot points to the integral back-story. The entire film seems to be based around the graphics, trying to create an spectacular world of the countless Green Lanterns throughout the Universe, however coming across as a less-impressive Mos Eisley cantina. A classic case of style over substance.

The film's storyline merely feels flimsy due to the lack of depth to Hal Jordan. Unlike the impressive Thor, the cocky and arrogant titular hero doesn't learn the error of his ways and become humbled by his status. He starts off a dick, and ends up a dick with unlimited power. A potential storyline exploring Hal's relationship with his deceased father and surviving family begins the film but is quickly overtaken by the more explosive storyline of the Lanterns and their fight with Parallax.

Despite Reynolds failing to impress, both supporting actors Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard do their best with incredibly camp and outrageous situations as well as body modifications. Actors who have starred in fantastic films such as The Town and Jarhead deserve better than this though, and the hints of trilogy depress me even more. They do need a paycheck I suppose.

With lots of blockbuster films coming out this summer, I am disappointed by DC's attempt at adapting a lesser-known comic-book superhero, as if they were attempting to match Marvel's success with Thor. It definitely could have learnt a few lessons from the Norse God of Thunder. With a character not as famous as others, more information must be given, for us to become acquainted and to understand his values and beliefs, rather than shoving Joe Nobody onto an alien home-world and expecting the audience to care about his adventures.

Must try harder DC.

Rating - 4/10

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