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Super 8 - Review

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Super 8

Hi, my name is Charles Kelly, and I am addicted to J.J. Abrams.

I guess my story starts in 2004 when I was introduced to a little show called "LOST." Even though he left quite early in the show's creative timeline, I still followed it until the end, trying to find out every last secret about that mysterious island.

In 2007 I went to the movies and stumbled upon a trailer for a very interesting movie where a monster plays softball with Lady Liberty's head. I got obsessed with this as well, and followed the Viral marketing campaign to figure out any information I could before that movie was released. I even bought a poster of the movie even before it was officially called "Cloverfield."

In 2009, Abrams literally rebooted the classic universe of "StarTrek" with his own style of movie making, and got my attention with a video of a man welding metal to the hull of the Enterprise.

And now, my addiction has gotten even worse with the addition of "Super 8" to J.J.'s portfolio. I would also talk about my intense addiction to Steven Spielburg, but that's something that I cant control any more. At least these addictions are not causing me physical harm... Yet.

As the title suggests, the plot of "Super 8" centers around a group of kids trying to make a zombie flick on the old Super 8mm standard of film. (If you have no idea about what that is, check out wikipedia's info about it here.) The kids find themselves in the middle of a huge train wreck, which is holding a creature of unknown origins. Past that, I cannot give out any more information about the actual plot, without fear of spoiling the movie.

I can say that even though J.J. likes to hide his monsters from you, you do (eventually) get to see it.

REVIEW: How the Movie Looks (3.5/5)

The movie is based in the late 70's, and the color scheme reminds me of Spielburg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." I would give this a perfect rating if it wasn't for the one aspect of J.J. Abrams I don't like a lot of the time... Obnoxious lens flares.

There are points in the movie where I find myself thinking, "This is in the dark, and in a place where there shouldn't be lights. What light source are these flares coming from?" It's just something that I nitpick, and something I wish I won't have to see as much of in "StarTrek2." Here's to hoping.

REVIEW: How the Movie Sounds (5/5)

The soundtrack is just beautiful. A great mixture of classic 70's rock and roll with a great score allows the audience to get even more immersed into this world they have created. (With the exception to one specific song played twice in the movie, where I found myself singing along.)

I also was grateful that the people in charge of sound didn't make as huge of a difference than other movies between the quiet moments and the 'Holy Crap' scare me half to death moments. Usually I have to plug my ears and miss quite a large amount of dialogue so I dont risk severe damage to my hearing. However, when they want to scare you... They do.

REVIEW: Overall Plotline (5/5)

One thing I hate about most Science Fiction movies as of late, is the fact that the writers do not give me a reason to care about the characters they have created. In "Super 8" I was drawn in to every aspect of each of the characters, and cared for them intensely. (or hated them deeply.) The Science Fiction aspects aren't even introduced to the movie until almost 20 minutes in, which allows for us to absorb everything about these people. Science Fiction writers take note, I like to care about your characters... Please give me a chance to do so.

There are a few different stories happening within the movie besides the "Monster" plotline. All of these mesh together so incredibly well, and have great purpose to where the writers try to take you within those two hours.

There is a few blatant morals that go along with the story, but they don't make it sound preachy. It made me think about what would happen in real life if situations like that would occur... And what the consequences would be if we didn't handle it correctly. (Also, how would you know if you handled it correctly?) Those are some thoughts you should have in the movie. I thought it was hilarious how they handled their anti drug message within the movie. Should make you laugh as well.

I feel that this will probably not be the greatest movie to take your kids to see if you are not okay with language, (They do use their one-time PG-13 F-Bomb,) but a great movie to watch if you do not mind. (Great way to teach your kids not to use drugs.)


Like I said earlier, I don't want to give anything away if you don't like to be spoiled. If you are in desperate need of knowing what I felt about the spoilery things of the story... I am sure you can find the information you need somewhere online. I recommend going into this movie without any knowledge of what happens. It is worth it, I promise you.

Overall, Super 8 is a fantastic movie that I feel will inspire more great original ideas in the future. It's a movie that you shouldn't miss, and wont regret spending the money to go see.

Oh, and there are no versions of it in 3D. Even better!


As always, my reviews are opinion based... And I would love to hear your ideas on if you liked this movie or not in the comments below. Have a fantastic day!

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