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Cowboys and Aliens - Movie Review by Kyle

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Taken From: Kyle's Entertainment Reviews Blog

One of this Summer's highly anticipated blockbuster movie manages to live up to all its hype in terms of explosive action sequences, but fails to develop a cohesive plot.

Directed Jon Favreau, who brought us Iron Man and Iron Man 2, Cowboys and Aliens stars Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig as two cowboys defending a small western town against an alien invasion. While Favreau's direction should be commended in creating a fast-paced and action-packed film, the movie's story more resembles that of his 2010 Iron Man sequel. What results is a film filled with eye-candy battle sequences that in the end makes up for the lackluster plot.

Jake Lonergan(Daniel Craig) wakes up in the middle of the desert, unaware of who or where he is. With a mysterious device attached to his wrist, he then comes across a small town in Arizona where he is being sought out by Colonel Dolarhyde(Harrison Ford) for stealing his gold. But just before Jake's execution, the town is attacked by three spaceships that clearly do not belong in the film's 1873 time period. What results is a bunch of innocent human beings taken captive by a group of aliens, thus sending Jake and Colonel Dolarhyde on a mission to save the people, and along the way the two cowboys are aided by a beautiful traveler Ella(Olivia Wilde).

Having kept the identity of the aliens a secret in the film's promotional material, I must say that the aliens do not disappoint. The film also wastes no time in giving fanboys action to fond over, with Daniel Craig doing both hand-to-hand combat against humans, and gun shooting fight scenes with aliens. Harrison Ford also gives a strong performance, proving that though he may be well beyond his Indiana Jones days, he still has what it takes to kick ass.

An action filled adventure that promises plenty of explosions and fight scenes, Cowboys and Aliens does not disappoint as a summer movie, but simply just isn't something thought-provoking or enlightening. Instead, it is simply just fun.

This film is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action and violence and will be released Friday July 29, 2011.

6.5 / 10


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