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Crazy, Stupid, Love - Movie Review by Kyle

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Taken From: Kyle's Entertainment Reviews Blog

"What do you want for dessert honey?" Steve Carrell's character asks his onscreen wife played by Julianne Moore. "I want a divorce!" she quickly responds. And thus begins the hilarious new romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love starring Steve Carrell as Cal Weaver.

Directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa and produced by Steve Carrell, the movie was hilariously engaging and features a top notch cast that includes Julianne Moore, Kevin Bacon, Marisa Tomei, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. But while one might expect to see Carrell as the top dog comedian in this movie, it was actually the cast's two younger stars, Gosling and Stone that shined in the comedic department.

The movie follows Cal Weaver(Steve Carrell) whose perfect life falls apart when his wife Emily(Julianne Moore) admits to him that she slept with her coworker David Lindhagen(Kevin Bacon) and now wants a divorce. Somewhat going through a mid-life crisis in his life, Cal's A-game is reignited in him after an unlikely encounter at a bar with suave player Jacob Palmer, a role portrayed by Ryan Gosling who is the highlight of this movie. What then unravels is a story about love and family, and a shocking twist is in store when viewers least expect it, making this movie all the more witty and entertaining to watch.

Romantic comedy cliches are also embraced in this film, with a heavy downpour happening at the "breaking point" in Cal Weaver's life, but some unexpected plot turns makes this movie anything but typical and ordinary. What surprised me the most about Crazy, Stupid, Love however, is how little Steve Carrell made me laugh. Instead, Carrell and Moore took on the more dramatic parts of this film, and allowed for the movie's strong supporting cast to shine in bringing the comedy to the table. Ryan Gosling proves that he can do no wrong, having established himself as a credible indie drama actor in recent years, but can now add being a comedian to his resume. Emma Stone is at her best here, once again proving that she is indeed the new funny girl of Hollywood.

All in all, the movie was crazy funny, not stupid, and will have viewers falling in love all over again. Crazy, Stupid, Love should be praised for its sharp writing and well rounded cast that will have everyone in the theatre laughing out loud.

The movie is Rated PG-13 for sexual content and coarse humor and will be released in theaters Friday, July 29 2011.



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