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Exciting New Feature added to SpoilerTV Movies *Updated 5th July*

Update: 5th July We're pleased to announce that you will also get points when you comment, liked, tweet etc on our Movies Section. The points you get there will be added to your overall points etc.

Update: 4th July We added a new set of badges that can be earned. These are the Social Guru badges. You earned these when you have performed a certain number of Tweets and Facebook Likes and Google +1's. The badge icons will be replaced with our own ones shortly. For now we're using some generic ones.

We also hope to have another set of awards/badges shortly called "Trendsetters". These are points/badges given out when you are the first person to perform an activity on an article. eg you're the first person to leave a Comment or Facebook like a post etc.

We've also made some backend changes to hopefully make the site load a little quicker.

Update: 1st July We've now updated the screenshots below to match the new version

Update: 30th June We've just rolled out a new version that should help fix a number of the issues as well as being a bit quicker. You'll also notice that the screenshots below no longer match entirely the system but they are fairly close. I'll let you discover the new features and I'll update the images tomorrow or whenever I get some time :)

Update: 29th June Thanks for all the great feedback that you sent through yesterday. Here are some updates for you.

1) The Recent Comments widget should now be back
2) We've reduced the time needed to wait between events so that they get captured
3) We've reduced the size of the scrolling activities widget
4) We're looking into the bug that forces you to log back into the system
5) Remember the best way to earn more points is via Facebook Like.


Hey All,

We're pleased to announce an exciting new feature to SpoilerTV. As we mentioned recently we're doing away with the Monthly Commentator rewards and replacing them with this new feature.

The SpoilerTV Rewards and Loyalty System

Basically in the past we were only able to provide the monthly draw for people who made it into our top 10 commentators list. This was not fair for other users who help SpoilerTV in a number of other ways, eg ReTweeting our content, visiting the site, Facebook Liking, Voting on Polls, Clicking the Google+1 button etc.

So we're pleased to announce the new system

Basically whenever you preform one of these actions, you'll be rewarded with points.

As you can see above each activity gives you a different set of points. As you get more points you get more badges.

Also you get badges for completing so many actions of a type. Lets say your a regular commentator on the site. Every time you make a comment you get some points. You get Comment Badges as you make so many comments. eg

Level 1 - 5 Comments
Level 2 - 10 Comments
Level 3 - 20 Comments

When you unlock a new badge/level you'll see a notification popup to inform you of your award.

As you can see we've added some new widgets to the sidebar.

These allow you to see the top users for the week, month and all time and you can track your progress here.

Each month we'll take the top 10 people from the Monthly list and they will be entered into the prize draw for a free DVD Boxset of their choice.

You can track your progress by hovering your mouse over the header widget

The other widget that you'll see is that of the Activity Stream. This shows you all the recent badges/levels etc for all users across the site.

If you find the scrolling distracting you can simply click on the Pause link at the bottom of the widget.

Using the System
When you first start you'll see the Signup/Sign In links.

Click the link and connect with your Twitter account. (We hope to support Facebook accounts soon) If you don't have a Twitter Account you can create one very quickly for the purposes of this system. It's simply used to log you in and track your progress

And that's it. Once connected any activity like commenting, voting on a poll, visiting the site, Facebook Liking, Using the Tweet button,clicking the Google +1 Button will all give you points.

You can click on My Rewards link to see all the badges/awards etc that you currently have as well as seeing how many points you need to get to the next level.

Clicking on the View Profile Button will give you more details

Changing your Settings
The settings page allows you to upload your Avatar/Photo that you want to be seen as.

You can also turn off/on a variety of Notifications.

1) You are only rewarded if you are logged in. Make sure it shows you as logged in at the top right sidebar.
2) Anyone found spamming the comments or trying to game the system just to get more points will be banned.
3) This system will have some bugs/glitches/odd behaviours so please bare with us during the early days and report them in the comments below.
4) We hope to have rewards also for playing videos on the site shortly along with some other activities.
5) Only activities performed on the site currently count. eg Comments via email don't count along with ReTweeting via external clients.
6) The system currently logs you out after about an hour or so if you've not been on the site. We hope to extend this later. So make sure you Sign back in when you revisit the site.
7) We'll be add some new badges/rewards shortly.

If you have any comments/issues/bugs please leave a comment below.

We hope you enjoy this fun new addition to the site and we hope it brings more interaction with our readers etc. So get started, sign in and start interacting and getting points!

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