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Friends with Benefits - Movie Review by Kyle

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Taken From: Kyle's Entertainment Reviews Blog

The undeniably hot chemistry between Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis easily makes Friends with Benefits a hilariously perfect romantic comedy which not only took a stab at the romantic comedy cliches, but also brought the "sexy" back to a genre that has grown stale in the recent years.

Directed by Will Gluck who delivered the teen comedy hit Easy A last year, Friends with Benefits is not only funny and sexy, but also boasts a well-written screenplay that translated very well on screen thanks to the palpable chemistry of the movie's two attractive co-stars. Justin Timberlake once again proves that he not only is a talented musician, but also a gifted actor as well, and Mila Kunis gives yet another outstanding performance.

After breaking up with their respectable significant others, Dylan(Justin Timberlake) is offered a job at GQ in New York City by Jamie(Mila Kunis.) And after realizing that while one is emotionally damaged and the other emotionally unavailable, the two friends decide to take their relationship to a more sexual, pursuing a (dare I say it) no strings attached relationship. What then follows is a bunch of jokes and jabs at romantic comedy cliches and also a fun ride to seeing these two friends falling in love.

There is nothing new about the formula presented in Friends with Benefits, but the movie proves that having two attractive stars and a crisply written screenplay can make what is old easily new again. Though the movie's plot isn't exactly anything new that we have see before, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis manages to make the concept seem fresh and intriguing. Further, the two stars' quick and witty banter throughout the film is rather enjoyable to watch, and the supporting cast which features Emma Stone, Andy Samberg, Richard Jenkins and Patricia Clarkson is not too shabby either.

Friends with Benefits is a clever and entertaining romantic comedy that does not take itself too seriously, making it an enjoyable movie that is worth seeing, if not for laughs, then for its two leads Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake.

The movie is Rated-R for sexual content and nudity and will be released in theaters Friday, July 22 2011.



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