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Prometheus - First Official Promo Pic and Description of Comic Con Footage

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I realize that what everyone wants to know is how the footage looked. In short, I loved it. Alien is real touchstone film for me, and while Ridley Scott says that the DNA of Alien is in Prometheus and everything else will be different, that’s not what the footage says. The footage very clearly comes both from the man who made Alien and takes place very much in the same world and is connected to that tale. What exactly was shown? How about Michael Fassbender crying, Charlize Theron seemingly doing naked pushups (something Damon Lindelof referenced on stage a few times), a shot of a giant head, some very beautiful images of space-suited characters in various states of distress, and a lot more. Read more after the break.

What we saw wasn’t a trailer, but more like a behind the scenes featurette. Ridley Scott is seen on the massive 007 stage at Pinewood studios, with some of the very Alien-like production design in the background. (Think of the look of the interior of the derelict spaceship in which the characters in Alien first find the xenomoprh eggs and you’ll get the idea.)

There is quite a lot in the footage shown that looked very specifically Alien: a giant open space that looks like it is missing only a huge fossilized Space Jockey; other massive spaces with curved striated walls and floors covered with ordered rows of what look very much like xenomorph eggs. The tone of Alien was there, too — the environments we see aren’t quite as blue-collar and run down, but the feeling of dread and atmosphere is there in spades. Oh, and when the title screen came up at the end, letters in Prometheus formed in much the same way the title for Alien forms in that film.

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