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The Dark Knight Rises - Anne Hathaway Defends the Catwoman Suit

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So by now most of us have seen and formed opinions about the Catwoman Gogglewoman suit that was released last week and then again via set pics.

Well one person has an interesting opinion and it is the actress herself Anne Hathaway telling MTV:

"If you didn't like the photo, you only see about a tenth of what the suit can do," she teased. "And if you did like the photo, you have excellent taste."

The Yahoo story where I saw this info was also quick to point out that we as fans should all remember that she is Selina Kyle, who starts off as a cat burglar before becoming Catwoman.


The thing that really bothers me is that we need sites like Yahoo to remind us of something that we already know! We are still not down with the super 3D goggles. Just because she is maybe Selina in the pic does not change our opinion.

Yes, this is not something that will keep me from going to the movie, and I am sure Nolan's team will have some magic in post-production, BUT that does not mean we can not criticize something that was released as an "official promotional picture"!

Something similar happened when the first pics of the new Amazing Spider-Man suit hit the net but those were set pics and since then several official pics have been and most of the criticism is now gone.

So please do not insult our intelligence. Yes we know Anne plays Selina and we know that the suit might have a bunch of cool gadgets that Engadget and Gizmodo will probably go crazy about, but the suit still does not excite some of us and those over-sized goggles are just a bit too much.

BTW, yes I think she still looks hot in the outfit.

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