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The Great Gatsby - Casting Call for new Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire Movie

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"The Great Gatsby", a major upcoming movie from Warner Brothers Pictures, is now casting major roles for production which begins in Mid-September.

From the director of "Moulin Rouge", this movie will be based on the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel about a humble Midwestern man who is lured into the glamorous world of his wealthy neighbor----only to find out that his neighbor's world is not as perfect as it seems.
"The Great Gatsby" will star Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. The screenplay has been written by Baz Luhrmann and Craig Pearce based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It will be directed by Baz Luhrmann.

The movie is being produced by Catherine Martin, Douglas Wick, and Lucy Fisher for Red Wagon Productions in association with Warner Brothers Pictures.



Miss Baedeker, any ethnicity, 18 - Late 20s. Miss Baedeker is an attractive, flirtatious, and reckless young woman who has a serious drinking problem. She experiences mood swings when she gets drunk and can lose her temper at any moment. Miss Baedeker is a regular at Gatsby's decadent parties and always becomes overly intoxicated. When she consumes five cocktails in a row at one of the parties, Doctor Civet tries in vain to advise her to stop drinking. PRINCIPLE ROLE

Lucille McKee, any ethnicity, 20s - 30s. Lucille is a superficial, social-climbing, and overly talkative woman from New York City who aspires to be part of Gatsby's inner circle of friends. She and her husband present themselves as members of the art world but in reality he is only an amateur photographer. Lucille hears of Gatsby through Myrtle Wilson and she becomes fascinated by him. She goes to every one of his parties so that she can brag about it to her friends. CO-STARRING ROLE

Catherine Wilson, Caucasian or African-American, 30s - 40s. Catherine is a pretty, opportunistic, and cynical woman who comes from a lower-class section of Queens. She constantly tries to come across like someone from a wealthy background, and most of her acquaintances don't see through her. Catherine tries very hard to make a good impression on other people. She is very eager to attend the gatherings at Gatsby's house and she believes that he is a relative of European royalty. PRINCIPLE ROLE

Female Party Guest, any ethnicity, 40s - 50s. This sophisticated and pretty woman attends one of Gatsby's parties. She knows how to dress in fashion. She was invited to the party through one of the other guests, and she does not even know Gatsby himself personally. Though she is clearly a bit self-absorbed, this woman is still lively and friendly when she's at the party.


Ewing Klipspringer, any ethnicity, 20s. Ewing is a detached, manipulative, and callous young man who grew up in a prosperous but dysfunctional family. He has the outward demeanor of a typical country club snob. Yet under the surface is a cold young man who is unable to empathize with anyone else. Ewing is a long-term guest of Gatsby's who freeloads off his wealth----but when Gatsby dies, Ewing is only interested in getting his tennis shoes back. PRINCIPLE ROLE

Chester McKee, Caucasian or African-American, 30s - 40s. Chester is a polished, cosmopolitan, and sociable man who lives in New York City and likes going to Gatsby's parties on weekends. He dabbles in photography and considers himself an artist. He and his wife are friends with Myrtle Wilson. Chester likes to hobnob with the high society crowd at Gatsby's parties and has aspirations of being rich himself. But there seems to be something phony and hollow about Chester when he attends social gatherings. CO-STARRING ROLE

Owl-Eyes, any ethnicity, 40s - 50s. Owl-Eyes is a shy, awkward, and mysterious middle-aged man who gets drunk at one of Gatsby's big parties. He meets Nick Carraway when Nick wanders into Gatsby's library and suddenly finds him there. Owl-Eyes begins commenting on the extensive book collection and Nick finds his behavior odd. During Gatsby's funeral at the end of the movie, Owl-Eyes is the only person to attend. PRINCIPLE ROLE

Meyer Wolfsheim, Caucasian, 40s - 50s. Meyer is a shady and untrustworthy man who is a gambler and a crime boss. He was responsible for bribing baseball players from the Chicago White Sox into deliberately losing the World Series so that he could win his bets. Meyer is good friends with Gatsby and attends his parties. He doesn't seem to have a moral code and seems willing to take advantage of anyone. CO-STARRING ROLE

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