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Drive - Movie Review by Kyle

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This review is taken from Kyle's Entertainment Reviews Blog

Ryan Gosling proves that he can do no wrong in new action-thriller drama Drive.

Directed by Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn, the film is based on the novel of the same name by author James Sallis. Gosling stars as a mysterious Driver, who works as a Hollywood stuntman and falls in love with his next-door-neighbor Irene, portrayed by the always well-composed Carey Mulligan. The film also stars Bryan Cranston as a mechanic who Gosling's character works for, and Mad Men's Christina Hendricks as one of Gosling's partners in crime.

Concerned for his neighbor Irene, the Driver agrees to help her husband with a robbery which ends up going terribly wrong. The Driver is then left with the million dollars that they stole, and the wrong people after him. What ensues is a gritty, violent and action-packed film, with plenty of car chasing sequences in between.

Newton Thomas Sigel's cinematography was absolutely phenomenal. The artistic detail in every sequence where Gosling is behind-the-wheel is refined and embellishing. And though the gore and violence was a bit over-the-top, it fuels the thrill aspect of the film. Further, the musical score by Cliff Martinez was very fitting, and the often silent moments while the Driver is speeding down an empty road mirrors the character's personality while adding tension to the chase.

Ryan Gosling's portrayal as the reserved, street-smart and violent Driver is sheer perfection, as he proves that he can play just about any type of role handed to him. Carey Mulligan gives a welcome change to her stereotypical elegant and classy roles, this time playing a well-mannered, beautiful lower-middle class mother. Christina Hendricks, though limited in her appearance, does a great job in confused robber who is simply just following orders.

Drive is not for everyone, but Ryan Gosling is enough of a reason to go check out this movie. And for anyone appreciative of a cinematically stylized film will find that this gritty tale is indeed intricately designed and well-written.



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