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The Dark Knight Rises - Several New Stunt and Action Set Videos

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So for those of you that have been keeping up to date on all of The Dark Knight Rises news, set pics, and videos, well you probably have seen most of the movie by now. The new batch of videos pretty much will add to the story and to what you have seen.

Over the weekend the cast and crew were in NYC again and this time around, seemed to be filming what most are calling a riot on Wall St. Interesting timing with the Occupy Wall St protests that are occurring. I wonder what Bruce Wayne considers himself to be a part of the 1% or 99%?

Well I am sure there are plenty of spoof videos online about that already, but the filming seemed to be open to the public have several and we mean several set pics and videos have made their way online.

So below are probably some of the best videos from this weekend, but again IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED, THEN DO NOT WATCH THESE.

The first video shows Matthew Modine in action and is basically the scene for the set pics we posted earlier. Also, in action are Batman, Bane, Catwoman and a ton of extras acting as Police Officers or citizens of Gotham.

Enjoy and hope you all can give us a review of the movie soon!

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