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Hugo - Movie Review

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Magical, adventurous, and a heart-felt family feature for the Holiday season.

Directed by Martin Scorsese, Hugo is a 3-D live action feature film based on the children's book by Brian Selznick and starring Chloe Moretz, Sasha Baron Cohen, Asa Butterfield and Jude Law. The movie takes place in 1931 Paris and follows a young boy named Hugo Cabret(Asa Butterfield) who after the death of his father(Jude Law) is left to maintain the clocks at the railway station while trying to finish his father's project of fixing an automaton.

The film starts at a sluggishly slow pace, and contains to stay at that rate, but the end result of the narrative redeems what the beginning lacks. The cast is also top-notch, with the two child leads, Butterfield and Moretz both suiting in their respective roles. Sasha Baron Cohen also brings light humor in the role of the train station inspector, and Ben Kingsley perfects the role of former acclaimed filmmaker Georges Méliès.

Being unfamiliar with the work of Georges Méliès, the film worked as a adventure mystery for me. I went into the film with not idea what to expect but "an adventure", and was surprised to find such an immensely touching tale unravel before my eyes. The direction by Scorsese is wondrous, and the cinematography a visual feast. Those who despise 3-D movies should make this one an exception, as the 3-D magically weaves itself into the plot so well that it only enhances the overall experience.

While the plot itself could have moved along quicker at parts of the film, it is no doubt that Hugo is a work of cinematic art. And with a talented cast and top-notch director behind it, this movie is well worth a trip with your family to the movie theatres.


by Kyle

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