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Moneyball - Movie Review

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Aaron Sorkin hits another home-run with his latest film, Moneyball, which delves into the politics and business behind the popular American sport.

Directed by Bennett Miller, the film is based on 2003 book of the same name by Michael Lewis. Coming off of his Oscar nominated hit The Social Network last year, I was highly enthusiastic to see Sorkin back with another film. However, besides a wildly witty and well-written screenplay, and superb acting talent by Brad Pitt, I found this movie to be mostly of a bore.

Moneyball follows Billy Beane(Brad Pitt), the Oakland Athletics general manager as he tries to assemble a top-notch team after the team lost to the New York Yankees previously. With the help of Peter Brand(Jonah Hill), a college graduate Beane and Brand work together to assemble an all-star team that includes pitcher Chad Bradford(Casey Bond) and first baseman Scott Hatteberg(Chris Pratt).

The artistically inter-cut scenes of baseball players in action throughout the film was very well inputed and done. And as previously stated, Pitt gives an Academy Award worthy performance in his portrayal of Billy Beane. The film moves at an unbearably slow pace during its 133 minutes duration, and this is especially noticeable for people who aren't baseball fanatics like myself. However, it is undeniable that the screenplay by Sorkin and Pitt's portrayal of Billy Beane is what makes this movie worth watching at least once through.


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