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Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of 2011

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Well, usually here on STV the discussion is more about the most pirated shows and how networks try to figure out how those numbers mesh in with standard Nielsen and DVR ratings.

Top sci-fi shows like Fringe and Supernatural usually see the biggest jumps from DVR and of course being usually on the list for most pirated shows. Pirating of course is not the best list to be a part of, but at the same time shows the popularity with fans online and globally. Shows like LOST and Heroes would always make the top of the list for most pirated shows.

However, in the movie industry pirating is a bit different and movies are usually released globally and Hollywood is always concerned with the potential loss of revenue. We love the list because it has a few different movie genres represented and you can pretty much understand why some of them made the list.

So what movies did people pirate and download the most? Did you see any of these or possibly pirate them also?? Would you pirate these movies?

Thanks to Mashable for the list:

10) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Pirated downloads: 6.0 million - Box-office sales: $1.3 billion
9) The King's Speech - Pirated downloads: 6.25 million - Box-office sales: $414.2 million
8) Rango - Pirated downloads: 6.48 million - Box-office sales: $245.15 million
7) 127 Hours - Pirated downloads: 6.9 million - Box-office sales: $60.7 million
6) Sucker Punch - Pirated downloads: 7.2 million - Box-office sales: $89.79 million
5) Number Four - Pirated downloads: 7.67 million - Box-office sales: $144.5 million
4) Source Code - Pirated downloads: 7.9 million -Box-office sales: $123.2 million
3) Thor - Pirated downloads: 8.3 million - Box-office sales: $449.3 million
2) The Hangover II - Pirated downloads: 8.84 million - Box-office sales: $581.46 million
1) Fast Five - Pirated downloads: 9.26 million downloads Box-office sales: $626.1 million

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