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SpoilerTV's Top 12 Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

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Yup it is THAT time of year when Top 10 lists for best or worst of the past year are popping up every where. So we have decided to join the party and release our very own list of the Most Anticipated Movies of 2012.

After a couple of down years for the box office, 2012 is filled with so many big blockbuster and highly anticipated movies, it looks like this just might be the year movie goers head back to the theaters. At the same time, picking a top 10 is practically impossible, but we did our best listing our Top 12 Most Anticipated Movies of 2012. As expected the list is filled with several sequels and action packed blockbusters.

The top few movies on the list are basically interchangeable and could be #1 any given year, but we tried to take a couple of key factors in deciding the top movies and one of the major factors was based on all of you. We really wanted the list to be based not just on our thoughts, but also the readers, so based it also on traffic to the site and the number of Likes/RTs a specific movie received.

There are several movies that did not make the list, but we considered them as "honorable mentions". Yes we know the honorable mentions list is super long, but that is how big of a year 2012 could be!

Honorable Mentions:
Act of Valor (Feb. 24th), Snow White and the Huntsman (June 1st), Total Recall (Aug 3rd), The Expendables 2, Argo (Sept 14th), The Cabin in the Woods (Apr. 13th), GI Joe 2: Retaliation (June 29th), Jack the Giant Killer (June 15th), Madagascar 3 (June 8th), Brave (June 22nd) and Looper (Sept. 28th)

12) The Bourne Legacy (Aug. 3rd) - Bourne will never be the same without Matt Damon, but Jeremy Renner has made a name for himself in Hollywood and the "Bourne" brand name is powerful enough to make this sequel/reboot/new story land on this year's list at 12. Also helping the movie is the lack of any info about it, so basically nothing too negative about it. Yet.

11) American Reunion (April 6th) - Perhaps a sequel that was not required after the horrendous 7-8 straight to DVD sequels and that is ignoring Part 2 and 3. However, the original in the series is a classic and with the WHOLE gang back and we mean everyone returning reprising their roles including Stifler's mom, this 4th main movie in the series could be one of the top comedies of the year.

10) Django Unchained (Dec. 26th) - Personally, this movie could EASILY be Top 5 in any year. Speaking of brand names, anything with Tarantino stamped on it immediately gets onto most lists as the most anticipated. So what is Django Unchained? Basically Tarantino's take on a classic revenge Western movie. Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Joseph-Gordon Leavitt, Christoph Waltz and Kurt Russell lead a stellar cast. 'Nuff said bub.

9) Skyfall - Bond 23 (Nov. 6th) - Bond, ummmm James Bond. Daniel Craig is back and for some that is not good news but for many others it is great news! Skyfall is getting some great early buzz, so much so that the producers want Craig supposedly for another 3-4 more Bonds! Skyfall is supposedly a throwback to classic Bond, but we think they said that about Quantum of Solace also. SpoilerTV has a huge international reader base with a strong presence in the UK where Bond is king and that helps boost this movie into the Top 10.

8) The Hunger Games (March 23rd) - If you have not read the books, then maybe you do not understand why this movie is on the list, but we are sure most of you do. Actually some of you are probably wondering why it is not higher. The anticipation of The Hunger Games is soooo high it almost moved it in to the Top 5. However, with so many huge movies expected this year, the #8 slot is a big accomplishment. With Harry Potter ending this past year and the last Twilight expected this year, The Hunger Games will take the top spot for a movie series based on a book series.

7) Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Nov 16th) - Twihards are probably hunting us down for putting the final installment of this series at #7, but they need to realize it is because of them that the movie even makes our list. Most sites are not even acknowledging the movie, but it has changed the industry and our generation forever. Twilight deserves to be on any legitimate list for most anticipated movies of 2012. For those that do not think so, then perhaps a visit to Comic Con 2012 a week before the Twilight panel will make you understand the anticipation for the movie.

6) The Amazing Spider-Man (July 4th) - Yes, yes we know, another reboot for Spider-Man probably is not the best idea and we were not fans of seeing the good ole' web slinger in his high school days. However, after the initial confusion of why we needed to go back to the early days of Peter Parker again and those terrible first set photos, most of the promotional material for the movie looks amazing. Despite some recent concerns of how the villain, The Lizard might look, Spidey is always a big box office draw and our spider sense is telling us that kids with geeky moms and dads will help generate some big fireworks for the 4th of July release. BTW, we actually do need this reboot after Spider-Man 3 ruined the series and ruined is putting it lightly.

5) Men in Black 3 (May 25th) - Well, here is another sequel that probably is not needed especially after that dreadful second part. However, it seems like it has been long enough since part 2 for us to forget about it. Hmmmmm, perhaps the producers and Will Smith figured out how to use that neuralyzer in new ways?? Because after the trailer for MiB3 hit revealing Josh Brolin as a young Agent K, it seems most of our memories were wiped clean and we are all pumped to see some crazy alien fun once again.

4) Prometheus (June 8th) - Ridley Scott, Damon Lindelof, and Alien Prequel/Reboot make this movie one of the most anticipated sci-fi movies in a very long time. Ridley Scott is one of a handful of directors that instantly commands attention and when you throw in LOST writer Damon Lindelof whom we love big time at SpoilerTV, well, we are sold. If Scott and Lindelof were doing a movie about Barbie it would probably make the most anticipated movies list. The fact we will see a story in the Alien world starring Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender is just the cherry on top and lands this movie at #4. Sorry Damon, just bad timing because there are three movies that beat ya out this year. Maybe we can Tweet at GRR Martin and see what he thinks??

3) The Dark Knight Rises (July 20th) - Ouch, The Dark Knight Rises at #3??? Yup, it is just that kind of year and we did say that the top movies are probably interchangeable. We are all SUPER excited to see the final installment of Nolan's Batman here at SpoilerTV. Heck, with all the set videos, photos, plot spoilers and the 6 minute prologue we think we have already seen the whole movie and it all looks amazing! Well except Bane's voice. Tom Hardy is a great actor, Nolan is a great director and Nolan's vision for Batman is ALL we have every wanted in our beloved super hero movies. However, the impact that Heath Ledger had as Joker during the marketing for The Dark Knight far outweighs anything they have done for Bane and The Dark Knight Rises. Maybe that is how they wanted it. At this point we just want the movie out today and can't wait to see it!

2) The Hobbit (Dec. 14th) - Myyyy prrrecccious!! Finally, we get to return to Hobbiton! The Lord of the Rings fandom is like no other fandom and any little tidbit that we posted generated a tremendous amount of traffic to the site. We are all huge fans of LOTR here and ever since the early moments of the first movie we have been waiting for The Hobbit. Yes, they split it into two parts to make money off of us, but being able to see Peter Jackson's work in two more movies is a blessing. The recent trailer generated some serious buzz and just the last moment in the trailer with Gollum gave many of us goose bumps helping this movie leap frog ahead of The Dark Knight Rises into the second spot on our list. Why is it not #1? Well, keep reading and maybe we can convince you.

1) The Avengers (May 4th) - All we have ever wanted was a super hero movie with a ton of awesome super heroes kicking ass. Marvel is finally making all of our wishes come true this Summer! The X-Men movies got us excited and even the new X-Men: First Class was a cool take on a super hero team, but Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow all fighting along side one another is just EPIC! Anything we post for this movie instantly gets serious traffic and pumps all of us up. Don't forget to check out the new Russian Trailer we JUST posted!

Shoot, don't forget to also add in the Joss Whedon factor and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury into the mix. Robert Downey Jr. will probably steal the show as Iron Man and seems to have some seriously good chemistry with the other actors/characters in the footage we have seen.

Ok not convinced yet? Yes we know some of you did not like Thor, but it was a very important movie in this series because it introduced us to Loki (Thor's evil brother) who is played by Tom Hiddleston. So if RDJ doesn't make the movie, then we really believe Hiddleston's Loki will. In fact, Loki by the end of the movie could possibly be the second best super hero villain behind Ledger's Joker.

Finally, Marvel has done a great job of throwing in some amazing cameos and Easter eggs into each of the movies. However, when the movie ends, it is actually JUST the beginning, because we all know there will be a nice little treat after the credits. We just can't wait for May 4th!

Well, maybe you are still not convinced The Avengers should be the #1 on the list, but we did say it was a tough year. So what movie would you have put at #1? What are your Top 12 and do you think we completely missed a movie?? Please comment and vote in the poll below!

Happy New Year and whether the Mayans are right or wrong, this is going to be a big year at the box office!

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