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The Avengers - Does a New Toy Line Reveal a Spoiler and Confirm a Rumor??

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So there has been quite a bit of debate about whether the well known alien race from the Marvel Universe, The Skrulls, would appear in the upcoming movie The Avengers.

There have been hints and set photos that seem to point towards the Skrulls appearing and being a part of the Loki's plan. However, nothing has been confirmed and if any thing, there have been stories and reports that the Skrulls do not appear.

Of course, the other recent trend the last few years has been movie sites and blogs getting spoilers from upcoming toy releases. Usually, the toy lines, costumes, merchandise and all the other promotional items do not do justice to what appears in the movie and apparently there have been characters featured in toy lines that do not appear in the movies.

Sooooo what is this all about? Well, there is a new Mighty Battle toy set that features not only The Avengers, but also little toy figures that resemble Skrulls quite a bit.

So what do you all think? Will the Skrulls appear or not??

Here is the image from MTV Geek:

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