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Mirror Mirror - Movie Review

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Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? If Hollywood has anything to say about it, it would be new "it" girl Lily Collins.

Collins, daughter of musician Phil Collins stars in the live action adaptation of the popular Grimm fairytale, the first of two Snow White films to grace the big screen this year. Directed by Tarsem Singh, Mirror Mirror is a visual feast. From the colorful and elaborate gowns to the sweeping majestic palace, the film overachieves in providing plenty of eye-candy to look at. It certainly helps to have an attractive cast as well, with Lily Collins as Princess Snow White, Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen and Armie Hammer playing Prince Charming.

Mirror Mirror is essentially told from the perspective of the Evil Queen, played with poise and hilarity by Miss Roberts herself. The comedic tone of the film carries over to the seven dwarves, whose each unique personalities are not identical to the dwarves from the iconic Walt Disney animated film.

Where the film works is its visuals and comedic jokes, but halfway through the film the story seems a bit too ridiculous and drawn out at times. A black magic-induced battle scene takes place at the house of the dwarves as they face off against giant wooden puppets, which are incredibly executed with CGI but lacks a plausible reason to be in the film's narrative. And while some jokes are laugh-out-loud funny, it is not to say that there aren't jokes that misses the mark as well.

Both Armie Hammer and Julia Roberts deliver splendid performances, but all eyes were on up-and-comer Lily Collins, the latest "it" girl in Hollywood. Did Collins prove herself as a credible actress? Certainly. But does she leave a memorable mark on the iconic role? Not quite. Collins certainly is talented and pretty, but she doesn't quite standout in this film. In fact, between Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen, the Seven Dwarves and Armie Hammer as the Prince, Collins somehow just gets lost in the mix.

Mirror Mirror was campy fun and pure family entertainment. And for those looking to relive their childhood fantasies by seeing the legend of Snow White come to life, then this may be the escapist fun for you.


by Kyle

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