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The Avengers - Movie Review

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The wait is finally over—Summer is finally here as the big superhero blockbuster, The Avengers, assembles and smashes onto the big screen in America.

It has been building up for years now, with multiple Hulk adaptations, two Iron Man movies, and  Thor and Captain America debuting last year. But with the intense buzz building up to what is one of the biggest movies of the year, did The Avengers live up to all its hype? The answer, quite simply, is yes. Directed and written by Joss Whedon, the movie is loud, big, and for lack of better words...EPIC.

Each character is gets their own time to shine throughout the movie's 143 minute duration, and in no way does one outshine the other. The film is very much so an assembling of multiple superheroes teaming up to save the world. Also, where previous films with the characters failed before, Whedon managed to fix up nicely. After two lackluster attempts at bringing The Incredible Hulk to life, once with actor Eric Bana and the other with Edward Norton, it seems that this time Marvel has finally got it right, with Mark Ruffalo as the green giant himself. The Hulk is everything you'd expect him to be, part Jenkyll and Hyde, and part big destructive weapon which the team needed to destroy its enemies. Robert Downey Jr. remains witty, charming, funny and suave as the tech-savvy superhero Iron Man, and even Chris Evans and Hemsworth (as Captain America and Thor respectively) manage to bring something special during their characters' screen-time after lackluster debuts last summer. The expansion of the roles of Hawkeye, played impeccably by Jeremy Renner who is no doubt Hollywood's brightest new action star, and the Black Widow, portrayed by the sexy Scarlett Johansson also worked incredibly well. The two characters were more fleshed out, and also brought forth a more human-level of action to the superhero mix. Hell, even the villain was brilliant. British actor Tom Hiddleston glows as the menacing Loki, the half-brother of Thor, bringing ultimate destruction and chaos to New York City and proving himself to be a worthy competitor to The Avengers.

For those of you who thought that the trailers and TV spots leading up to the film's debut had given away most of the big moments in the film, you can take a deep breathe. There is so much more action-packed sequences that the promotional material did not reveal. The CGI was stunning, and the fight sequences explosive. Clearly The Avengers have set the bar high for the coming superhero films this summer, although both Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises look promising as well.

All you Marvel fanatics and comic book geeks have nothing to fear—The Avengers is everything you'd hoped it would be and much more. But most importantly, it was big, bold, fun, and something that's not to be missed.


by Kyle

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